Electric bikes

Electric motorbike and its benefits.


Nowadays the electric motorbike has become an important option to consider when choosing a vehicle for daily mobility due to its advantages. Currently, electric motorbikes offer a great versatility and diversity compared to the first basic models.

1. Fuel savings

The main and most obvious advantage to buy an electric motorbike. It`s evident how cities are flooded with electric motorbikes from motobike rental service companies, which turn out to be a very economical way of transport. A combustion motorbike needs about € 5 to make 100 kms, while an electric battery make 100 kms with 30 cents of electricity. It is 17 times cheaper to be transported by electric motorbike.

2. Less maintenance.

The conservation of an electric motorbike is simpler than a conventional motorbike, it has no oils or filters that change periodically. Also, it is mechanically easier than combustion motors.

3. Ecologic, clean and silent.

Contamination is an important factor for people to choose electric vehicles, as well as to improve air quality and care for the environment. Today big cities have limited the circulation of combustion vehicles in the center of their cities. Electric motorbikes are not subject to these restrictions.

4. Do not require any special permission.

You can drive any of them if their characteristics correspond to the types of motorbike license.

5. Universal Plug.

Most electric motorbikes are designed and produced to be recharged with a conventional plug as the one we have at home or in the office, without the need for a special plug. Many motorbikes have batteries that are removable and interchangeable so you can recharge comfortably from any site.

6. Tax Decrease.

The authorities are aware constantly of the electric mobility, it`s for this reason that most of the Public Offices reduces to 100% the payment of the tax of registration and circulation. Nowadays we have discounts for the purchase of electric motorbikes and free recharge centers.

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